Simple systems for your floral design business.

Juniper Made is an online course that empowers you to create an evergreen home-based floral design business.

Online course for home-based floral designers // Juniper Made

Hey, flower friends!

Do you struggle to develop (and stick to) profit margins? Would you rather spend 10 hours creating floral arrangements than have to spend one working on a spreadsheet? Are you swamped in emails? Have trouble booking quality clients? Or maybe you’re still waiting to book that very first client?

Meet Juniper Made.

After five years and 165+ weddings with Rosemary & Finch Floral Design, we’ve found that the only way to have true success as a home-based floral designer is by building some simple systems into your business. Just a few systems can help you create an evergreen, sustainable business that works for you. Not the other way around!

Juniper Made is the only comprehensive course that teaches all the systems home-based floral designers need for real success: more time, more money, less stress. Sound good?

Whether you’ve just gotten interested in floral design or have been in business for a while without the results you want… Juniper Made is for you.


We're Mary Love & Ben!

We created Juniper Made to educate and support home-based floral designers. We believe in simplicity, kindness, and freedom through being your own boss! Combining Mary Love's five years of experience owning Rosemary & Finch Floral Design with Ben's career in marketing and business, we help floral designers build their own evergreen businesses!

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How to Build a Home-Based Floral Design Business That Turns Clients Into Fans...

Without Sacrificing Your Profit Margins or Answering Emails on a Friday Night!

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How one simple strategy could save you 31 hours of emailing this year!

Juniper Made Secrets-02.png

 How to overcome your fear of spreadsheets so you can create detailed design plans even if you’re “bad at math!”

Juniper Made Secrets-03v2.png

How to make a wedding look awesome for your portfolio and still make a good profit – even when the bride has a small budget.

I recently took the Juniper Made course and it was fantastic! I have been able to incorporate some of the ideas and business strategies I learned. Canned emails have helped me greatly as well as upping the costs of my work and not feeling bad about charging a little more. The right people are willing to pay. Since adding these small details, I’ve booked 3 new brides in 2 weeks!
— Erin

I think Juniper Made is the perfect thing for at home floral designers or designers just starting out with their business! It provides wonderful systems to keep you on track and simple, thoughtful solutions to so many questions that designers have. I think something that many designers have questions about is pricing, mark ups, financially growing your business, etc, and Juniper Made does an amazing job specifically targeting those confusing areas and explaining them thoroughly and thoughtfully. You can tell Ben and Mary Love have put their whole hearts into this course and held nothing back!
— Hannah

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